Pedro Gil Candeias

About Me

I’m a programmer, and I work mainly with the web. For some reason, the web has always been my passion – whether programming its behaviour, writing content for it, marketing stuff on it… I just love this amazing tool for communication between people that transcends borders and cultures.

Currently I’m working at Inpakt, the next generation social responsibility platform, where I hope we can make a positive difference.

Previously worked on advertising and e-commerce products at SAPO. SAPO was kind of like college, only I got paid. Did good work there, met great people and learned a lot.

Once upon a time I worked on the advertising industry doing everything from coding to evangelism to sales to project management at the Portuguese branch of Media Response Group. That really helped me become a well rounded professional, and learn all about the way the web’s commercial side really works.

I’ve a lot of pet projects and play a mean paintball game. I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

Long stints as a solo dev made me quite well rounded. I’m about as comfortable building a UI as I am coding the backend that powers it. I’m partial to PHP and (client side) Javascript, but also know my way around a Python script and have dabbled in Node.

I’m also entrepreneurly-minded. In the past I successfully launched a CMS for car dealerships, a social business review platform and a couple team chat apps.

Check out my projects Get in touch at @pgcandeias or linkedIn.