Pedro Gil Candeias

Schools Should Teach How to Code

There’s a reason why programming is done in something called a language. Programming is a form of communication, in which one tells machines what they must do.

Many years ago in my country most people worked in fields and factories. Bills were only passed to make elementary education mandatory when it became clear that workers needed to be literate enough to understand instruction manuals for the machinery they operated.

These days, jobs are disappearing and many believe they’re gone for good: many tasks are simply done faster and better by robots and/or computers. Those who don’t speak Machine are at a distinct disadvantage, having to rely on programmers to tell their computerized servants about their business requirements.

Learning to read and write doesn’t force you to become a professional writer, they’re just skills that help with whatever it is you choose to do for a living.

I think it’s much the same with programming, so schools should teach kids at least the rudiments of code. I know I’ll teach mine.