Pedro Gil Candeias

Introducing Clarity


Team chat apps are all the rage these days, and little wonder.

The larger the team, the more difficult it is for everyone to be on the same IM network. Plus, IM is awkward for more than two people. And good luck keeping logs when everyone keeps switching from mobile to laptop and back.

Enter web chat apps.

Because a web app runs on the browser, there’s nothing to download. Just log onto a website and you’re good to go. Plus, logs are saved automatically in the server and, as a bonus, chat rooms can be persistent.

Sadly, having sampled quite a few offerings, I think there’s a problem. Some apps are too complicated, offering many features but requiring you to learn yet another formatting system. Others are very expensive. Still others can’t decide whether they’re free or not. Some impose a team member limit. Others only allow a few simultaneous connections. All in a bid to sell you “extra features” and squeeze a few more dollars just so you can have a normal chat experience.

So I went ahead and made Clarity, a simple team chat web app with a simple pricing model (just $9/month per project) and no limits on users or chat rooms. It’s real time, so you can have normal chats with your colleagues, and it’s also persistent so people can communicate with their team without everyone needing to be online at the same time. Chat history is persistent too, so it’s always possible to recall what was said.

It’s online now.